I was born on January 27, 1967 which means the big Five-O is just around the corner. I was stressing about this earlier in the year when it hit me that I would be half a century old or middle age, if I live to be 100. But then God asked me, “Are you dead?” Well, of course I am not dead. He said, “Then what are you stressing about?”

I guess knowing that I was turning 50 hit me because retirement isn’t too far away and I should have my act together, right? Some may think I do, but, really, how many of us have our act together? How many of us can say that we have lived a life, so far, free of regret or pain? How many of us can look back and know that all our relationships are resolved and we can go to our death knowing we have left the world a better place? Maybe a few can say that…I cannot.

My closest friends, and my children, would say I’ve done well. I don’t think I have. I have spent too much time dwelling on the past. Too much time wondering about the future. Too much time fretting over regrets. Too much time thinking of what could have been. Not enough time living in the present. And certainly, not enough time living a life worthy of leaving the world a better place.

So, here I am asking my fellow terra dwellers to allow me to take a journey defining, contemplating, studying, learning, and imparting wisdom.

I am not talking about wisdom from my own life necessarily. I am talking about wisdom as defined by God in the Bible. Scripture tells us that wisdom is endowed by God (Ex. 28:3), given through the Holy Spirit (Ex. 31:3), comes with age (Job 12:12), is within the righteous (Ps. 37:30), begins with the fear of the Lord (Prov. 1:7), is a blessing (Prov. 3:13), can be aquired (Prov. 4:5), gives protection (Ecc. 7:12), gives strength (Ecc. 7:19), enlightens (Ecc. 8:1), was something even Jesus increased in (Luke 2:40), is a treasure (Col. 2:3), leads to salvation (2 Tim. 3:15), is available to all who ask (James 1:5), and recognizes evil (Rev. 13:18).

I plan to pray, read, study, pray, ask, seek, learn, pray, search, and dig into everything I can regarding wisdom in books, movies, TV shows, music, social media, and, of course, scripture. I hope you take this journey with me. I will be updating this page starting January 1, 2017, Lord willing, and I pray for each of you and for myself that we continue to grow in wisdom and favor with God and man.

Wisdom, we are on the hunt!

January 6, 2017


I went looking for an image on Google for wisdom. I typed in the word “wisdom” in the search and when I clicked on the images tab hundreds of images came up with the menu across the top if you wanted to narrow down your search for wisdom under a specific subject. I ran through the list but did not find any listings for “God”, “Christianity”, “Bible”, or “Religion”. I did find a listing for King Solomon and came up with the image above.

I Corinthians 1:25 says that God’s wisdom is foolishness to man. And it seems like Google’s search engine believes it, too. We all agree that King Solomon was the wisest man (besides Jesus) who ever lived. He wrote the Proverbs in scripture and Lamentations. He provides wisdom to us through God’s Word given to him by God! The whole event of his gaining wisdom was a wise decision. When he was just a lad God told Solomon to ask for anything. Because he was being made king at such a young age, he asked for wisdom to govern God’s people. God was so pleased that He gave Solomon wisdom, riches, and fame. This should be an example to us.

One, wisdom comes from God. Knowledge can be obtained from books and scholars. Common sense can be instilled. But wisdom comes from God. Two, seek wisdom first. Solomon could have asked for riches to hand out to the people. He could have asked for a strong army to defend the people. He could have asked for favor in the eyes of the other nation for ease of trade. But, instead, he asked for wisdom which would help to gain all the rest. And, three, ask God. God gives wisdom to all who ask. In the book of James in chapter 1 verse 5, he says God gives wisdom freely. There is no cost for it. Ask and He will give it to you!

You can find interesting words, mantras, and formulas for knowledge from your fellow man. But if you want wisdom…seek God.

February 15, 2017


I have recently discovered something that many of you may think is very basic but I never realized it until now. One of the things I learned was back in late 2016 during one of the pastor’s sermons. He was talking about fear. As I sat and listened to him I thought, “I don’t fear anything. God released me of that years ago.” But then I heard God say, “Then why…” And He revealed to me something that I have been struggling with and that I struggle with it because of fear. It was that 2×4 He hits me with occasionally when I cannot see what is right before my eyes. It was then I realized that many of the things I do I do out of fear. I am not talking about those things God instructs me to do. I am talking about those things I do that are either sinful or are sinful to me because I have made them idols in my life. All because of fear.

Fast forward to Monday, February 13th. I am reading this book my life coach gave to me entitled “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. He says, “There are leaders and there are those who lead.” It sounds basic but I read that and thought “Be the example.” Now, I have always tried to be the example with my children and, a few years ago, God made me see that I need to be the example for other Christians and the world. But it wasn’t until I read that line in that book given to me by my life coach that I realized I needed to be the example for health also. I know! Basic stuff! But my brain just didn’t see that when God tells us to be the example (as Christ was for us) that it needs to be in every area of our lives! Every area!

I say this because I have been a fitness coach for years but have struggled with my eating. I love to exercise and when I exercise I get with it! But my eating, although not horrible, is still not what it should be. That is my problem with my weight. You can exercise all you want but if you don’t eat right then you don’t see a change. The same with being a Christian. You can go to church all you want, but if you don’t take in spiritual food to feed and fuel your soul, it won’t show in your everyday living. People won’t be able to recognize you as a Christian if you don’t change life habits. And the same with physical health. People don’t listen and people won’t be convinced until they see that all the exercising and eating right has changed you.

So I have picked myself up and dusted off my pants and have resumed a journey I started years ago. I am very thankful to my Life Coach for the book and for being such a beautiful example for me to follow in my trying to get healthy and eat better.

April 13, 2017


I am not a big zombie movie lover. I like vampire movies and werewolf movies but zombies…no. My sister and daughter kept posting about a show called “The Walking Dead” so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked from the very first show. Here we are seven seasons later and I love the show and the characters.

One of the first things you pick up on in the show is…hello! there are dead people everywhere wanting to eat your guts out…literally! As the show progresses you find that the zombies are only part of the characters worries. Not only do they have to contend with lack of food, water, medical supplies, but they also have other living people who want what they have. As a matter of fact, they have run into many, many who try to steal from them or kill them just to get their supplies.

(Spoiler Alert)
In season 3 the group encounters The Governor. He is a ruthless man who kills anyone who has what he wants and keeps his dead daughter in a closet in hopes the town doctor can find a “cure.” He is bad and one of those guys you love to hate.

In season 7 the group encounters Negan. He is much worse than the governor and kills two beloved characters. Not only does he kill them, he beats them until there is nothing left of their heads. He kills the first one as an act of power. The second he kills because one of the members tried to oppose him. And he laughs and makes fun every time he kills saying things like “Easy peasy lemon squeezy”. What is odd is that when one of his men tries to rape one of the females in the compound, Negan kills him. He says no raping will be tolerated.

As I watched this horrible character do absolutely horrendous things causing me to hate him and cry for those whom he killed, I realized that we live in the world of The Walking Dead.

The zombies are those in the world without Christ. Those people who walk and eat but are dead and are only trying to satisfy their basic needs. Their lives will end in the ultimate final death if they do not turn to God.

The ones still alive are Christians. They are not only looking to survive but to live. Rick and his group try to help where they can. They take in others. And they hold life precious, not only to their loved ones who are still alive but their loved ones who die not wanting to burn their bodies but bury them.

Negan is one of the living. Negan is one of the examples (albeit poor) of Christians in the world today. Negan has his community that is based upon who has more to give. And if you have more to give then you get more. He gets whatever he wants including as many wives as he wants no matter whose wife they are. And he has no problem eliminating those who oppose him or that he has not need for. He kills them laughing all the while. But when someone else kills (without his permission) or commits another offense Negan thinks is bad, they are punished. Severely.

There are so many Christians in the world today who are like Negan. These are Christians who think they are above God’s Law not needing to repent for their sins. Christians who take what they want not caring who they hurt to get it. Christians who think they deserve more or better because they are in positions of power. Christians who commit heinous crimes and excuse them but then turn around and condemn others for their sins.

If you think I am being harsh I’m not. I say this having been yelled at by Christians in my home congregation. Knowing other Christians who have also been yelled at or spoken ugly to because someone else didn’t like the way they were doing things. Christians who commit terrible sins but condemn others for not being at church on Sunday.

You start to watch this show thinking the zombies are bad when they are not the worst to be on the look out for. You go through this life thinking it is non-Christians we need to watch out for when it’s those who you have your back to that you need to watch. Those who say they love you to your face and then stab you in the back the second you turn.

We need to help those lost in need of Christ, but we need to be wary of those we worship with.

That’s not the way it should be, but that is the way it is.