What’s this bleating of sheep I hear?

We were out at Kathy Skinner’s sheep farm earlier this week. It has been an interesting experience learning about sheep and being up close and personal with them.

One of the mama’s came up to where we were standing and began bleating at Kathy. She, the sheep, stuck her tongue out and “bhaaaaa” came out. It was a long and funny sound that can get quite irritating if you listen to it long enough.

Go to this link and listen… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml5VKB8fBvY

I learned a couple of things while listening to her sheep bleat…

1) Is this how we sound to God? After all Jesus did call us sheep, for many reasons. So when I go before His throne and pray, do I sound like a sheep sticking out her tongue and going “bhaaaaaa”, over and over again? It’s no wonder God doesn’t just silence me! But Kathy wasn’t annoyed by the bleating sheep. Her only desire was to know what they wanted. As it is with God. He doesn’t get irritated by our constant bleating to Him. And since He understands what we want and need, He provides or denies.

2) Because Kathy is their shepherd, the female sheep came up to us and didn’t look at me and Ackley but right at Kathy when she bleated. Of course she did! She knew Kathy but didn’t know us. She knew from whence her food, water and shelter come. She knew Kathy would provide and take care of her. That is why she bleated “bhaaaaa” at Kathy and not at us. Just as we know who our Shepherd is and it is to Him that we should go for our needs and desires, not a stranger.

3) Because of the vast land the sheep can roam on, Kathy opened the back gate while she was there and while we were talking, the sheep went across the water and off into the distance. I asked her how she gets them back? She said she stands there and calls to them that there is food in the barn and claps her hands and they come running. The sheep know their shepherd’s call. It sounded neat and I wished I could have stayed to listen and watch. Can you just picture Jesus standing near the barn and calling to us? Can you see yourself running to the Great Shepherd when He calls?

It has been an interesting experience being around the sheep, and watching Kathy has given me a deeper appreciation for my Shepherd who listens to my bleating and still loves me even when I try to find my needs and wants elsewhere.  Thank you, Kathy!

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