I Am Therefore I Am Original

I went to Half Price Books not too long ago and spent enough money to get their 2015 calender. Because I already have four new calanders on the walls of my office, I gave the calander to my daughter. It was exciting because she has met some of the authors featured in the calander. Including one who was one of her teachers at UTD. She said that when he read her work he said it wasn’t original. It made her angry and showed how ignorant the guy was.

The only thing it takes to be original is being a different person than everyone else. And if I am not mistaken that would mean everyone in the whole world. The art we create will have similarities with other artwork in the same media simply because we live on the same planet and experience similar things in life. But no two people tell the same story. Even if two siblings grew up in the same house, with the same parents, and experienced every moment of their lives together, they would still have different stories because they are two different people. Even twins have different stories because they are different people.

Yes, I tend to concern myself with originality. I wonder if I am writing something similar to another writer. I even posted last week about seeing an idea I thought was unique in a movie on Netflix. But ultimately, each one of us can tell a different story because we are different people. So there are similaries, so what! You want a totally new expereience that no one else has had? Go to another planet. That will do it.

Don’t worry about being original, just tell your story. Because it is your story, it will be an original.