My daughter introduced me to a very talented author by the name of Maggie Stiefvater. I have only read one of her books but it was an amazing book. Okay. She is a good author. I’ve read books written by lots of good authors. Then I found out this author draws, and draws very well. Then I found out that she writes music and plays instruments. She is multi-talented. And she does them all very well. I made a comment on one of my daughter’s posts about her saying “It’s not fair. You only get one talent!” But we all know that isn’t true. I know it’s not true. 

In chapter 25 of Matthew, Jesus gives us the parable of the talents. We all know this parable, right? A landowner goes away on a trip and gives talents to his workers. He gives five to one of the workers, three to another, and one to another. While he is away the guys who got five and three put their talents to good use and made the landowner more money. The guy who was given the one talent took it and hid it in the ground and when his master came back he was so proud of what he did. He took the talent that was given him and he buried it. His master was very upset by the fact that the worker didn’t even put the talent in the bank so that it would earn interest while he was gone. The servant said he knew his master, and the master said “if you had known me” then you would have done this.

See where I’m going with this? Some people are given many talents and some are given few. I look at the talent that was given to me and I buried it for a long time. I took this gift that was given to me and I hid it so that no one knew about it. It has only been in the last few years that I have taken this talent out of hiding, brushed off all the dust, and have started using it again. It’s sad really. All those years wasted on frivolous pursuits when I could have been earning wages for my Master.

And it’s not about the money. It’s about trusting in God and using the talents He has given us for His glory. There are people out there who have been given many talents. I have a good friend who can sing, play an instrument, teach small children, and write. And do you know why God gave her more talents and He gave to me? Because He knew she would be more responsible with hers than I was with mine. I am not saying she is better than me; she is just a better steward of her talents than I have been. I am the servant with the one talent.

Thankfully, I realized what I had done and I unearthed my talent and am using it to glorify God. Thankfully, He saw that my soul was deserving of another chance. It’s truly scary to think that God has given each of us a talent and when we do not put it to good use we are wasting our lives.

I am very thankful for my talent and I pray that God allows me to earn wages for the Kingdom before He returns.