Space and Time Travel

My daughters and I went to the Friends of the Library book sale. This has become a bi-annual thing for us. We love leafing through all the donated books. Sometimes we find old classics, new releases, and sometimes even an old forgotten book that we read as children.

I already had my loaned canvas bag filled with books for myself and others when I strolled over to the children’s books. I picked up several for my grandchildren. I was about to call it a day when my eyes fell upon “The Forgotten Door” by Alexander Key. It was the old 1968 book cover of a boy falling through a door in his planet into space. I was instantly transported back in time when I first saw this book when I was 9-years-old. The cover intrigued me and I gobbled up the words on the pages like Cookie Monster with his cookies.

I added the old book to my stack of newer published children’s books in my hand without a second thought. And since I had not read it since I was 9…I proceeded to open the book and read the words to my husband from the old yellowing pages.

I felt like I was 9-year-old again not wanting to put it down. It is bliss!

On my FB today I asked the question…What makes you feel wonderful? Diving into the pages of a good book and letting it take me away to lands created by the imagination of a writer. That feels wonderful!

I feel proud to be among those millions of authors who take their thoughts and put them on paper so that millions of others can read them and get lost in the lands I created.

That feels wonderful!

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