Ship Mates


This is my fifth tattoo and the last one I had done. It isn’t the last one, just the last one I have had done.

One of my adopted daughters and I love to cruise. We are cruise fanatics. If we could stay on a cruise ship, I think we would.  We just don’t have the financial independence to do that. Every chance we get, we are sailing. We finally decided that we wanted to get matching tattoos. As we were searching for what we wanted that would go along with the cruising theme, I thought about ship anchors. Then I found the ship wheel and I loved it. So we decided that we should each get one. She got the anchor and I got the wheel, because you cannot have a ship without both an anchor and a wheel. So we went together and had these done.

This one is located on the inside wrist of my right arm. Recently, my husband and I took a cruise without our daughter and although we still had fun, it just wasn’t the same without her. Every time I saw something new I thought “I wish Katie was here to see this.” We have a lot of fun together and I miss her when she is not there.

This tattoo is for her because she is my cruising buddy.