A life born from Adam
Feet born on sand,
We land here on this earth
Born unto man.

Learning the ways of the world
Seeking all that we can gain,
Something is missing
My feet sinking in the grains.

You lift me up, You set my life on high
You rock my world, With the Rock that is Christ.
No more sinking below, No drowning in the world
Cause You, You rock my world, With Christ – The Rock!

Wasting away in the dark
No light for my way,
Searching for a truth
Fleeting things won’t stay.

Alone in the vast expanse
Dust upon this Earth,
A trifle my soul can gain
Sinners from our birth.


Firm is the Rock on which I stand
On other ground, I sink beneath the sand
Firm is the Rock you sent
All other truth is broken and bent
Give me Your firm foundation
No one can shake, No one can break
Firm is the Rock on which I stand
Christ is the Rock on which I stand!

PA Pursley


The sun comes up and the moon goes down
The stars twinkle in the sky
Clouds roll by as the days pass on
And I will wait.

Snow drifts down to still the ground
Spring blooms flowers in the wind
Leaves fall to the ready grass
And I still wait.

Water rushes on the rocks
Shells are broken by the sea
White waves hit the patient shore
So I will wait.

The galaxy spins and makes me dizzy
I stand here in the place that you’ve placed me
My soul grows weary, My heart feels faint
No matter. I wait.

I know you have me
I know you love me
I know of me you have not forgotten
That’s why I wait.

Til the sun no longer beams
The stars fall from the night
Til the seas dry up and earth takes flight
It’s because of your love
It’s because of your grace
It’s because when you saw me
You waited for me.

PA Pursley