During my creative outpouring while on our cruise, I was listening to Daniel play the guitar and sing songs. I had my head down during most of his session because of all the words that came pouring out of me onto the notepad. As I was writing, he sang a song about being someone’s support and being there for the girl. I found out later the song was “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. It is a beautiful song. Just as he was singing it I was writing a scene about my characters and how the singer was comforting the main character. I couldn’t help but laugh while I was writing because the song was perfect.

Since being home, I have been listening to Daniel’s song sessions and have been looking up all the songs he was singing so I can listen to them while completing my revision of the book. It truly was an amazing experience because his artistic outlet was helping me with mine.

So many times we surround ourselves with those who either zap our energy or who make us doubt our abilities or who just simply do not believe in what we are doing. My challenge to you is to surround yourself with those who believe in you, who have the same goals, or if they are family and you just can’t get away from them, then remind yourself that you can do it. Every time they say you can’t, tell yourself ten times that you can!

I used to get discouraged very easily and I didn’t try because I was listening to those who told me I couldn’t. When I stopped listening to them and started putting myself out there, I found that there were more people who wanted to see me succeed than there were those who didn’t. But it took me fighting through all the din of discouragement to get into the clear sounds of those who really love me.

Do you have a dream? Is it something you have been dreaming since you were little? Then reach for it! Don’t let others rob you of your dreams! Don’t let them take from you what God gave to you!