Maybe Not…

My daughter and I went to see Neil Gaiman at the Majestic Theater in Dallas on Monday, June 24th in his last book signing tour! It was an experience! We got there at 5:30pm and left at 1am! Most of that was wait time. But it did give us a chance to get caught up on all our girl/writer-talk AND we got to see one of my favorite (and now one of my daughter’s favorite) authors. The wait time also gave us a chance to think about what we were going to say to this man who we have been waiting to see for years. What do you say? “How do you get your hair to do that?” “How much hair product do you use?” “Were you born with that hair or does it take hours to get it to look like that?” Okay…I am fascinated by his hair!

I wanted to write a post about him and how he was a struggling artist like most of us, but…well, bad example. He was a published writer at 24 years old! He has written magazine articles, comics, graphic novels, books, novellas, short stories, biographies, fiction, and who knows what else! The man is a genius and he knew it early on!

So maybe he isn’t the best example of what us older writers are going through but he does know the struggle of living with characters in your head, and as we all know, that in itself can be daunting!

The message remains the same…Keep writing! Don’t give up! You’re never too old! Hang in there!

Take your pick up what words motivate you and hang onto them. The words you write may very well be the words someone else clings to!

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