Made To Love



I decided to post pics of my tattoos and the stories behind them not to justify them, but to give the story to those who are curious but are too embarrassed to ask. BTW…don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask an inked up person about their tattoos. We love telling people about them.

This tattoo was my first one and I got it alone. I always knew that my first one I would get by myself. It is positioned on my upper right thigh where very few will see it. The tattoo place was recommended by my hair dresser located in Dallas off of Garland Road. I walked into the shop and it was dim and scary the way you would think a tattoo parlor would be. It was busy and I walked up and told the guy what I wanted. He found this beautiful font which has a soft flow to it but has a few sharp edges extending from the letters giving it a rougher look. I thought it was very much me! The owner looked at a guy standing next to me and said “How much for this?” The guy looked at it and said “$40.” The owner looked at me and asked if that was okay. I said “Sure.” We went back and he got me ready.

He started to put it face down so that everyone could read it when they saw it but the tattoo was for me so I asked him to put it facing me. I asked him how long he had been tattooing people and he said, “Well, I’ve been out of jail for six months, so six months.” Nice. In the industry, he would be called a “scratcher” because he’s just there to stab ink into you; he has no concern about how it looks or how you feel. After it was done, it was a relief simply because I had seen that tattoo in my mind for so long that it was a relief to finally see it there.

“Made To Love” is a song by Toby Mac with the words “I was made to love You, I was made to find You, I was made just for You, Made to adore You, I was made to love, and be loved by You.” That was one of the first songs of his as a solo artist that really spoke to me. I was made to love God. And I was made to be loved by God. That is my sole purpose in life. If I fulfill that, then I will remain in God’s will and will fulfill His will for me.

I get the question with anyone who inquires about my tattoos…did it hurt? Of course it hurt! You are getting stabbed thousands of times by several small needles! Of course it’s going to hurt! But for me, it is worth it.

It really is a rough job and I have often thought about having my current tattoo artist pretty it up for me, but leaving it reminds me that when I try to go it alone, things don’t turn out the way they should. We were made for relationship, even if the only relationship we have is with God. I mean, really, if that relationship is all you have, that is all you really need.