This was my fourth tattoo. This also has a long backstory.

I am a big LOTR fan. I love watching the extended versions of the movies and I am currently going through and reading the series for the first time in my life. One of the reasons I am such a huge fan is because God spoke to me through this movie so many times! I wish I we had the time for me to share with you everything God has taught me but then this post would be extremely lengthy.

The Tree – This is the Tree of Gondor from the LOTR. I have always loved the Tree of Life and the fact that God put it in the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. He gave them a choice to choose between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They chose wrong. Every day of my life, every moment of my life, is filled with choices and I need to strive to always choose life. I have also seen many versions of the tree of life with some of them where the roots and branches encircle the tree. I don’t like these even though they are pretty because it makes it seem like the tree is self-sustaining and it isn’t. A tree cannot sustain itself just as we cannot sustain ourselves. We need God. Without Him we are nothing.

The Words – If you have watched the extended version of the The Two Towers there is the scene where Boromir comes back from a battle and his brother, Faramir, meets him. They share a brotherly moment when Boromir says “Remember today, little brother. Today life is good.” Then their father, Denethor interrupts them. Denethor loves Boromir and chides and belittles Faramir every chance he gets. Boromir knows this and does what he can to encourage and lift Faramir’s countenance. Those words…”Today life is good” reminds me that no matter what is happening in my life, no matter how bad it gets, today life is good because God is still on His throne and He is still in control and I am still in His care.

The Location – This tattoo is on the inside wrist of my left arm. It just seemed like a beautiful place for it. While I was getting the tattoo, my son-in-law was watching Danielle and he would ask her questions about what she was doing. At one point she got to the cartilage in my wrist and it was extremely painful when she hit that spot. When she moved on I was able to breath. Then my son-in-law said, “Are you going to correct that? It looks like you missed a spot.” Danielle said, “Yeah, I’m going back to that.” The spot he was talking about was right on that cartilage. She went back and I had to keep myself from pulling my arm away. Isn’t that like life sometimes? When we are in the midst of pain we can’t see the big picture, all we can feel is the pain and we want it to stop. But God sees the big picture and He knows what needs to be corrected. I’m glad now that she made the correction because I love the tattoo, but it was painful going through it.

“Life is pain. Anyone that tells you differently is trying to sell you something.” The Princess Bride