Leap of Faith!

So my goal was to self-publish all my books. I mean that is what God told me to do so I did. My first one is done and I am currently working on the next one in the series.

One of the ladies at church who is also an English teacher offered to edit my books. I accepted her offer and gave her the first six chapters last Sunday. She told me to send them in to publishers. She encouraged me and complimented me and I told her I would pray about it. So I did.

And out of the mouth of one of the most unlikely persons in my life came words of encouragement! Now usually the words from this person’s mouth are discouraging or neutral. Those types of words like “it’s up to you” or “that is your decision.” Some of the more discouraging ones were “you can’t do that” and “do you know how hard that is?”

But when I told this person this time that I was thinking about submitting my work to publishers and that I will get 5000 rejections before I get accepted, this person said, “then you better get it out there and get those 5000 rejections out of the way so you can get to that one who wants it.”

Needless to say I was floored! It was God speaking through this person and I am so ready to listen!

So now I will be submitting some of my work to publishers and I will be picked up at some point in time. Don’t know when but if God is for me who can be against me!

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