The Journey Begins

The novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year (2014) is complete. I revised it twice and have put it into the hands of an editor and a friend both of whom will read it and review it and make corrections where needed. They will also give their opinion regarding the story and content.

The novel, “Boundary of Light”, is set in Galveston, Texas at the home of Dr. Frank N. Styne, a neurologist and scientist, who is working on human longevity by way of soul transferrence. His wife, Mary Styne, is involved in a traggic car accident leaving her in a coma from which the doctors do not expect her to awake.

Nikki Capital is a young girl newly rejected by the adult movie industry. After surviving through a life full of abuse and neglect, she finally realizes she cannot take any more, and decides to take her own life.

Dr. Styne finds Nikki’s body and decides to transfer his wife’s consciousness into it. What he and his colleague, Immanuel Gore, find is that Nikki is not completely gone, but will come back into her own body only to decide she wants a second chance.

This book is about their struggles through life, love, and reanimation of dead flesh.

Once I get feedback from my editor and my friend, I will send it out to agents.

Thank you for all your support, my loyal fans!