I was talking to one of my friends from church today about my books. I told him about my self-published books, and I even gave him one to read. And I told him about the one I just finished that I will be submitting to agents to see if one will represent me. He was fascinated by it and then told me that he has thought about writing. He told me about the story he would write but then he told me that the grades he got in school in English and Grammar were not good. I explained to him that the creative talent God gave us was not the talent of writing a well-constructed book. The talent He gave us was to think up stories and characters, plot lines and villains. All the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure can be fixed by an editor.

I told him all about NaNoWriMo and how it is was set up to inspire writers to get that novel down on paper. It’s not about writing a book ready to be published. It’s about writing a rough draft that you can work on the rest of the year until the next NaNoWriMo challenge. 

By the time we finished talking he looked at me and said, “What you said really inspired me. I’m going to get to writing that book.” I was so excited that I was able to help a writer get started writing. I even started telling the people at church that he was a writer, too. He tried to explain that he hasn’t written anything. I told him that all he has to do is write that first sentence and he will be a writer. So get writing.

I have spoken to others about their writing talents but none of the people I have talked to about it has done anything to move in that direction.

Remember…A writer writes, always…Billy Crystal “Throw Mama From the Train”