My husband and I just got back from an anniversary cruise. Even with me getting sick it was one of the best cruises we have been on. Normally we look at the scheduled events and try to make the ones we want to go to. This time we decided we would not worry about the scheduled events and just do what we want to do. Relax, eat, and drink.

So after I got over the staying-in-bed-with-fever part of the sickness, we found a guitar player on board the ship that we really enjoyed listening to. He was young, about late 20’s maybe early 30’s. We found him in the lobby and listened then found him in one of the band rooms the next night to listen to him again. He asked us, because we were the only ones in the room, what we wanted to hear. I told him anything by Maroon 5. So out of all of their songs he sings “She Will Be Loved” which is one of my favorites. As he was singing I started thinking about the music video and our cruise. I suddenly got this great idea for a book. Before he even finished the song I had the first couple of lines in my head. I had to get back to the room to start writing.

I spent every spare moment the next two days hunched over a journal with my pens and ink refills. I didn’t bring my iPad with the keyboard so I wrote out the general story. I spent my days in the red lighted room where he sang the Maroon 5 song and the evenings writing while he played. It was the most fun I had writing!

I finished ninety percent of the story while on board the ship and the rest the day we got home. It took me a total of four days to write the story. It is the fastest I have ever written a complete story. All by hand. I didn’t want to mess up the flow so I finished by hand after we got home.

One of the other things that makes this book so amazing for me is that it is the first book I have written strictly about relationships. Normally my books have some overlying tone of murder or medicine or monsters. But this one was all about the relationship between Holly, the protagonist, her husband, and Daniel, the guitar player. I have been wanting to write a relationship based book but didn’t think I could do it. I know it was only the circumstances, the location, and the talent God gave me that allowed me to produce it.

If you are unsure about new experiences, do it. Experience is the fodder for creativity.