Claim It!

I don’t like people to know where I work because 1) I don’t like hearing their horror stories, and 2) I don’t want our clients to be able to find me for fear they will harass me or sue me if they think I write about them. So I don’t list on my FB or Twitter or even LinkedIn where I work. I got a message on LinkedIn that my boss was wanting to connect with me on LinkedIn. Without really thinking about it, I accepted. Then I realized that my account still showed who I worked for. And if you know how LinkedIn works, the system tries to connect you with other people that may help you in your career or shows jobs you may be interested in. I realized I didn’t want to be known as the person who works at such-and-such company so that others in that industry would find me or I would get job notices. I’m trying to get out of that industry. So I changed my job from what I actually do to “Author.”

I figured if I truly want to be an author, and I am trying to get published, then I need to stop telling people I work for this big corporation and say I am an author. And I am an author since I have two books out on the market. I need to stop saying “I want to be an author” and say “I am an author.” Granted it isn’t my full time job but in 6 years and 4 months it will be. I will be able to retire from the big corporation and concentrate on my writing.

Since I changed my job status I got a connection request from one of our customers whose job I handled and he is an actor. He worked on JFK and some others. He doesn’t have big roles but he has played in more films than I’ve been in (which is none). So I accepted the connection. If I want to be a contracted published author then I need to start making the connections that will get me there.

This is a start.

So when I went into FB and it said, “Where do you work?”…well…