Can I Get Published, Please?

As an author of the 21st Century I have been amazed at what is published and considered worthy to be put on the shelves of our bookstores for intellectual consumption.

Did you know there is actually a book out there on how to successfully cheat on your spouse? Or how about how to kill your husband? Yeah, there is one out there for that. How to run a dog fighting ring? In case you want to know that, there are books out there for you. And the one that I actually saw in the bookstore after it was published, and made me sick, was the book (I will not give you the title because it doesn’t deserve such credit) on a single man’s exploits as he sleeps with women, gets excessively drunk, and makes a fool of himself. Yup, it’s out there in book form picked up by Kensington Publishing Corp. and the book actually made it to the New York Times Bestseller List.

So I see these books that are out on shelves warping people’s minds while good books from good authors are struggling to make it on the market. I know it is all about the money. I know that. But it does make me sick to see what sells. Or what publishers believe will sell.

When I saw that book put out by Kensington Publishing I thought, “If someone will publish this, then I certainly have a chance!” But as time has gone by (it has been several years since I first saw that book) I think “If someone will publish this because this is what sells, I don’t stand a chance.”

What I am very thankful for is that publishers don’t make the decisions…God does. And if God wants my name and my books out there while I am still alive then YAY! But if He doesn’t, what can I say? YAY! Thank you, Lord, that You have given me this talent and even though the world didn’t think much of it, I used it to glorify You and that is all that matters!

I know there will be coffee in Heaven!