Back to the drawing board…

My daughter and I were just talking about this, and it also seems Sarah Dessen had the same problem…setting aside a book you have invested so much time in.

Mine was my pre-teen book that I started to write about two years ago. I loved the story line and I may go back and use the characters and maybe some of the scenes because they continue to play in my mind, but the overall book has been stored in File 13.

It was a difficult thing to do because of the time and energy invested in it. And despite the fact that it will be rewritten, I really liked the characters. But as I picked it up to begin writing it again, the book just felt forced. I felt like I was pushing it to make it work, and I didn’t like that feeling. I like to let the story and the characters do what they do best…live and grow.

So the pre-teen book has been set aside for now until I get finished with the 3rd book in the Paul Jakarta chronicles and the 1st book in my fantasy series.

Who knows, maybe my rebellious pre-teens are not ready for the world to know about them. After all, at that age, they are still trying to figure out who they are.

Happy writing!

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