Saw? Really?

Okay. I never really wanted to see these movies. I saw the first one with my daughter who was very excited because she loved the first one. One of my other daughters owns all of them. I gave in and watched the first movie and it was intense. They get more graphic and gory as they progress and I just found out that they are making a “Saw VIII”. So after making “Saw: The Final Chapter” they decided there was another chapter? Why not “Saw: Epilogue”? Or “Saw: The Teeth”? Or “Saw: A Tool’s Perspective”? Let’s move on.

God has been showing Himself to me in just about every area of my life. He knows music and movies are my passions so these are where He speaks to me the most. And you saw God in Saw? Yes, I did.

Let me explain.

Jigsaw, the perpetrator in the movie, kidnaps people who have been wasting their lives on drugs or scamming people or whatever else he deems is wasteful, and he puts them into a situation where they need to 1) suffer, 2) maim their bodies, and 3) make quick decisions in order to be not only free of their shackles, but free of their evil doings in their lives. He does it so they can see what a waste their lives have been and change. And he does it all because he, himself, is dying of cancer and he wants to make every moment of his life count.

God does the same thing but in a more loving way. Bear with me. Every day God takes people who are wasting their lives, taking for granted the gift He has given them, and He shows them the error of their ways. He shows them the shackles that have been holding them. He shows them their captivity. He encourages them to make the right decision. And if we have to go to desperate measures (Matt. 5:30) then take those measures to save your soul.

I am not saying God is telling us to maim our bodies, but He is telling us to allow Him to cut away the sin in our lives so that we can be truly free. That cutting away is painful, but it is necessary. And there is a time limit. It may not be the 60 second time limit that Jigsaw uses, but we all have a time limit in which one day we will die and we will have to face up to the decisions we made.

The Saw movies are intense. They are bloody. They get you thinking. But even if you miss what James Wan and all the other franchise directors want you to get from them do not miss what God wants you to know.

Do not waste your life.
Pay attention to details.
Listen carefully to what He has to say.
Whatever you decide will have consequences.
Make a decision.
Know that that decision will be painful for someone.
And then do it!

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” – Douglas MacArthur