Favorite Authors!


I moved into my new office today. I am very excited because I purchased a new bookcase and reorganized my books. I am still trying to work in all the other non-essentials like clothing, shoes, personal products, etc. But I have most of my books organized and on book shelves. I had to bribe my daughter with pizza to come help me…just kidding, she would have done it even without the pizza. She loves books just as much, if not more, then me.

As we were going through my books and putting them in alphabetical order by Author’s last name, I found that I have more Dan Simmons books than any other author. Growing up I would tell people my favorite author is Stephen King, but that changed a while back. I have since discovered wonderful authors such as Ursula Le Guin, Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult, Douglas Preston, James Dashner, and so many others. But as my daughter and I were trying to figure out which author I had the most books of it was, hands down, Dan Simmons.

So he got the best spot. In his own bookcase, high up above all the other authors atop one of the shelves. I really love the way his books look and sit up there and I am thankful for having discovered him.

As a lifetime reader and writer, it is so important not to forget those who inspired you to be a writer, but to also continue to discover new authors that can help you hone your skills.

Thank you, Dan Simmons, for putting your work out there for all the world to enjoy. I know I do!