You Never Know…

I have no problem telling people that I am 47-year-old. What I do have a problem with is telling people how long it took me to finally put my talent to work.

I wrote when I was young and had teachers ask me if I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I would just shrug my shoulders and say “I don’t know.” I spent half my life trying to please other people that I failed to see that I was not pleasing myself.

It took God sitting me down and telling me that HE gave me this talent for writing and I needed to use it or lose it. Jesus said of the man who buried his talent that he was wicked for not only not using it but burying it where no one else could see it or even know about it. That is exactly what I was doing with the beautiful talent of writing He gave to me.

Two of my daughters have the same talent and I watched as they became actively involved with writing groups and websites to hone their talents. It made me realize how I had been wasting mine.

So here I am with two published books and I am working on the third one. I participate in Nanowrimo every year and every extra moment I have is used to write or read.

Last Wednesday night in our ladies class, the teacher pointed to me and said “she is doing what I want to do – write!” She asked me at my first book club meeting, when the club read my first book, how I did it. I told her everything and encouraged her to do the same. I’ve had other women in the congregation tell me they have written things but they don’t submit them to anyone.

I think what threw me was that even with two published books I still feel I am not worthy of this wonderful talent God has given to me. What I continue to fail to realize is regardless of whether or not I feel worthy of it or good at it, this talent was not given to me so I can make lots of money, be a NY Times bestselling author, or to make me happy on earth. This talent was given to me to be used in God’s service. To bring others to Him. To encourage others do use their talents, too.

Regardless of where you are in your writing career – or any career where you are using the talents God gave to you – remember you are doing it for Him and the Kingdom, not for yourself.