Letting Go

As a writer, I live with many characters in my head waiting to be written about. As each one is complete and their story told, they kind of ride off into the sunset, or more like moonlight with what I write about.

It is almost heartbreaking.

I can keep the storyline straight in my head but I keep a dry erase board with all my characters names, who they are, who they are related to, and their specific place in the book. Since my second book is done and currently being printed, I must clear the dry erase board.

It is kind of sad because I have lived with these characters for over a year and now I will not be looking at their names every day.

I can’t imagine what Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling went through putting away their characters they have lived with for so long. It must have been very rewarding watching them come to life on the silver screen.

So I say good-bye to Alex and Gabby Jernigan, Daniel Post, Jayden Roberts, Detective Bill Hawkins, and Benjamin Parker.

Maybe we will meet again.